Feb 12, 2009

Good Bank Eh?

Please take out a pencil and a half sheet of paper, it's time for a quiz everyone. OK, here is the question: write down the first 5 things you think of when you think about/aboot Canada.

Is everybody finished? Here are my answers: The Great One, The Hip, The Falls, The Kids, and The Treat.
What are your answers? Let me guess, you thought of this, this, him, a guy like this and maybe her. Am I right? Did any of you think about all of those Canadian banks that are plugging right along in these difficult times? Probably not.

After reading this article maybe we should start thinking differently about our neighbors to the north. Sounds like they are doing a few things right in the banking industry. Who knew a 26 to 1 bank leverage could turn out to be a bad thing?