Jun 29, 2010

Greece, Part 3

The Greek Crisis Explained, Episode 3 from NOMINT on Vimeo.

Summer Reading

After taking a trip to sunny Warm Springs, GA I wanted to learn more about FDR. On the way through the Little White House gift shop I picked up this book. What a great history of FDR's economic policies before and during the Great Depression. Love his policies or hate his policies, you have to be amazed at the huge sea change FDR brought to the role of government in the economy. Also amazing is the speed at which government got things done back then. Some of the big New Deal policies were written and passed all in one day. These days it seems like our federal government takes months and months, and then some more months, just to get the most trivial legislation passed.

Give it a read and I guarantee you will be better equipped to talk about the role of government in the economy with your students.

Jun 4, 2010

Your Weekend Reading

The beautiful game also happens to be really, really expensive. A little more than a week to go until the greatest sporting event fires it up in South Africa.

My realistic prediction? They win it all....... again.
My dream prediction? We take down these guys to win it all.

Jun 3, 2010

Got Hope?

Many of your students have received, or will receive, the Hope scholarship right? Spending a little time discussing where this money comes from is always a nice way to pass a little time in the classroom. I would often hear my students say, "All of the lottery money goes for education." Well, not so fast, junior. Not all of the money goes for education. Some numbers-

In 2009 the Georgia Lottery sold $3,663,061,000.00 worth of tickets.

In 2009 the Georgia Lottery paid out $2,148,681,000.00 in prizes.

In 2009 the Georgia Lottery provided $872,082,000.00 for education.

In 2009 the Georgia Lottery spent $15,976,000.00 for advertising.

In 2009 the Georgia Lottery spent $18,210,000.00 on retailer merchandising and marketing.

Source: Georgia Lottery Corporation

Jun 1, 2010


Much has been written, and will continue to be written, about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that continues on and on and on and.....

Almost immediately after the spill began the finger pointing and rush to place blame on someone or something started. No matter who or what is to blame, the bottom line is that the cost of this spill is going to be tremendous. It is going to cost many coastal residents their way of life, their careers and their homes. It is going to cost BP, and it's stockholders, huge sums of money. It is going to cost consumers when they go to the pump and grocery store. It is also going to cost wildlife their habitats.

This article would work great as a starting point to talk to your students about the role of government in our economy.