Sep 29, 2011

Working Like a Dog

I've got my eye on you complaining German and British workers. You think you have it rough? Take a look at this cool infographic that examines how much work (some) Americans are doing these days.

No wonder I'm so tired all of the time. Anyone know of any cool job openings in Berlin? I could use the time off.

Sep 26, 2011

Jobless in Georgia

Think the unemployment rate is the same from state to state or region to region? Think again.

This nifty chart shows a nice geographical breakdown of the numerous discrepancies to be found in the various unemployment rates around the country.

Great work out of you North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska!

Sep 23, 2011

Sep 14, 2011

Government Boss

Killer article from the Economist. Not a shocker to see that the US Dept. of Defense is the #1 employer in the world. Glad I'm not in charge of HR for them. Are they still hiring?

Sep 7, 2011


Hands up. Who's going to the GCSS Conference in October? The Georgia Council will be in the house. This year we are offering three action-packed sessions that will knock your socks off.

Session one (high school): "Teaching Economic Crises" will examine the causes of our current economic "unpleasantness."

Session two (middle school): "Teaching Financial Fitness for Life" will showcase numerous lessons from the new and improved FFFL publication. 

Session three (elementary school): "Biographies of Great Americans" is your chance to see the latest GCEE publication, a series of lessons that highlight the economic lives of the people who show up in the K-3 social studies GPS.

Everyone at GCEE hopes to see you in Athens.

Sep 6, 2011

Working For the Man

Timely post right after Labor Day. So how many hours do you work each day? Do you work more than the average Dane? Less than the average German? How do your work hours stack up against the average Japanese worker? 

Look right here to see where you, the average American worker, falls on the "Standard Work Hours Around the World" list.