Mar 27, 2012

Georgia Economics Challenge

Congratulations to Starr's Mill High School and John's Creek High School for taking home first place in their respective divisions yesterday at the 2012 Georgia Economics Challenge.

Starr's Mill won their third David Ricardo Division title in the last six years while John's Creek brought home top honors in the Adam Smith Division in their very first year of competing.

Both teams now move on to the national semi-finals on April 24th. Best of luck in round two to both teams!

A giant Econblog thank you to the great people at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta for being such amazing hosts.

SMG Week 8

Some major changes at the top as we wrapped up week eight of the 2012 spring SMG. Some teams are coming on strong while others saw their portfolios drop.

Your top five.....

1st- Loganville Middle with $184,868.00
2nd- Mountain View high with $172,610.00
3rd- Jackson Road Elementary with $157,716.00
4th- Mountain View High with $147,860.00
5th- Centennial High with $147,082.00

Mar 21, 2012

SMG Week 7

Mountain View High is in the hunt and Long Cane Middle is still sitting pretty. Look out folks.....things are starting to get very interesting at the top.

1st place- Long Cane Middle with $170,143.00
2nd place- Mountain View High with $148,789.00
3rd place- Mountain View High with $148,518.00
4th place- Centennial High with $147,159.00
5th place- Long Cane Middle with $146,112.00

Mar 14, 2012

SMG Week 6

Past the halfway point and things are getting interesting. Here they are...your top five spring 2012 SMG teams.

1st- Long Cane Middle School with $162,737.00
2nd- Jackson Road Elementary School with $136,348.00
3rd- Parkview High School with $135,058.00
4th- South Cobb High School with $135,055.00
5th- Mt. Paran School with $134,552.00

Mar 5, 2012

SMG Week 5

What you see right there is some good, old-fashioned, movement. Ten weeks is a long time to stay at the top as that market can be volatile from day to day, week to week and month to month.

The new sheriff in town is...

1st place- Long Cane Middle with $147,975.00.
2nd place- Parkview High with $139,538.00.
3rd place- Mount Paran Christian School with $138,496.00.
4th place- South Cobb High with $133,678.00.
5th place- Long Cane Middle School with $131,748.00.