Nov 9, 2009


"It was twenty years ago today, Erich Honecker was told to go away..."

Looking back on the fall of the Berlin wall I sometimes still cannot believe that it even happened. From 1961 until 1989 the wall split not just Berlin but the entire world. For so many years it was such a stark reminder of the chasm between communist and democratic countries and then just like that it was gone. Whenever I think of the wall, and Soviet bloc communism, I think, what a waste. So many lives destroyed, and for what?

Two summers ago I was fortunate enough to visit Berlin, easily my favorite city on the planet. In less than twenty years Berlin has managed to go from this to this. Seeing the incredible transformation simply reinforced everything I believe about humans. At the end of the day everyone just wants to be free. Wir sind Ein Volk.

Happy 20th Berlin. You look great.