Dec 7, 2010

Tax Breaks R Us

Today class we will be spending a little time talking about taxes. Everyone hates paying them. Nobody enjoys being taxed. Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to paying taxes right?

Well, maybe not. VERY interesting AJC article about tax breaks and who gets them. My favorite of the bunch? Easily this beauty...."materials used to construct an eligible corporate attraction that is dedicated to the history and products of a corporation which costs at least $50 million and has 60,000 square feet of space, including parking and landscaping."

Now that is one narrowly written tax break. I wonder how many companies would/could qualify for that one? Hmmmm.

Here is my idea for a tax break- it should go to 44 year-old guys who drive silver Honda Fit's who were born in a city that rhymes with Shuffalo who used to teach high school econ in a school that is less than 12 years old. Sounds perfectly fair to me!