Apr 28, 2011

Death Star Costs

So are you finally done with the EOCT's? What a long slog that was huh? On the one hand you are most likely thrilled that you prepared your students well for the test and they all spent the last few days making you proud. On the other hand you are now faced with the fact that you will be stuck in a room with 25+ students five or six times a day for the next few weeks and they know they are "done" with econ. Ah yes, what to do now?

Before you start that big end-of-year project or economics film fest why not have a little fun with econ? Share this with your students and use it as a way to start a discussion about other movies that can be examined to explore the economic decision making process.

I bet you could spend plenty of time talking about the economic costs and benefits of Shrek's decision to drink the magic potion in Shrek 2. Or how about a thorough examination of the true financial costs absorbed by the Bad News Bears baseball team in the 1977 classic "Bad News Bears in Breaking Training." Driving that van from California to Houston could not have been cheap. I bet that thing only got about 17 miles to the gallon, maybe even less when Kelly Leak was behind the wheel.