Aug 9, 2011

Welcome Back!

"I can see you in the morning when you go to school. Don't forget your books, you know you've got to learn the golden rule...." 70's mega-band Supertramp was right. It's time to get after it again. Summer break was great but now it's time to bring the magic. The road to EOCT/CRCT glory starts right here and right now.

So what do you have planned for this semester? Got any new tricks? Any new lesson plan ideas? Going to change what did not work so well last time around?

GCEE is offering up a number of new workshops this fall for teachers at all grade levels. Fiscal Policy, Commanding Heights and a new 2-day workshop for high school teachers, region-specific workshops for middle school teachers and a new "Biographies" workshop for elementary teachers. We hope to see you out there at some point.

Check out for details and dates.