Nov 7, 2011

Food Trucks to the Rescue

An interview with myself...

Me: So, Mr. EconBlog, what has been the most exciting thing to happen around your office in the last three years? Was it the first ever GSU football pep rally? Was it the recent Occupy Atlanta protests? Was it the time the MARTA police got to business on that guy brandishing that gun in Woodruff Park?

EconBlog: Those are all good choices but none compare to the recent addition of what I like to call "Food Truck Wednesday." 

Me: Food Truck Wednesday?

EconBlog: Oh yes. Each and every Wednesday a collection of Atlanta food trucks bring their goods to Underground Atlanta. Couple bucks and you are eating like a king.

Me: Atlanta has food trucks?

EconBlog: Indeed. Awesome food trucks to be more specific. One week I'm eating spicy pork burritos the next I'm wolfing down some amazing fries from the fry guy. The cool kids call it "epic."

Me: Nice. Wait, why are we talking about food trucks on this here economics blog?

EconBlog: Entrepreneurship. These people are living the American dream. Come up with a great idea, invest in a truck, give the people what they want and compete for my dollar. Totally great to see the free market do its thing.

Me: Sweet. Where can I find out more about Atlanta's food truck scene?

EconBlog: I've got you covered right here.