Feb 16, 2009

From the Classroom vol 6

A casual remark by a world history teacher unsure about Adam Smith was all I needed. I saw my prey and dove towards it like a hawk. Within 15 minutes, I had three different lessons ready for him.

Virtual Economics 3 has entirely too many lessons for you to use, so spread the love. You may not have even glanced at the lesson books devoted to other classes--world history, US history, government, and world geography, but there are some very good lessons in there. Focus on World History has several good lessons on Professor Smith and the Industrial Revolution. Focus on US History has lessons about the economics of the Great Depression (and you may want to steer your colleagues to the St. Louis Fed if you are not using the materials.)

I believe that it is important for us to remember that in many cases our economic standards are also their history standards. So if there is a teacher in your department looking for lesson ideas, VE3 is certainly there to help you spread the good word. Good hunting!!