Aug 18, 2009

$$$$ for Clunkers- My Plan

If we are going to give $3,500-$4,500 for vehicle purchases why don't we try this: trade in your gas guzzler and the government gives you $$$ (wouldn't even have to be $3,500-$4,500) toward the purchase of a brand new bicycle. Think of all the "problems" this would solve.

Dependence on foreign oil...check.

Horrifying obesity problem in our country...check.

Traffic congestion...check.

Pollution from vehicles...check.

This plan would stimulate the bicycle producing industry, helmet manufacturers, makers of Gatorade and water bottles, as well as the people who produce the little helmet mirrors you see now and then. Sure, we would all have to get up a little earlier each morning in order to make it to work on time but the positive side of this is that the alarm clock industry will get a much needed shot in the arm.