Feb 14, 2010

Weekend Reading (Olympic Version)

I do love the winter games. A chance to see some really crazy sports that only show up on tv every four years. I mean, you can watch about 139,000 baseball games a year, 99 football games on any Saturday in October, or 312 basketball games during an average day in January, and each one will be no more exciting than the next.

Let me see LeBron James do this. What are the odds of ANY football playing hot-shot athlete at Big State U having the guts to pull this off? How about you A-Rod? You can hit a little white ball pretty far but can you do this? I will take bobsledding, curling (oh how I dream of doing this one day) and skeleton over anything the NBA or MLB can offer up during the big game of the week. Heck, I would pay just to see the Dutch speed skating fans! They could be an event all by themselves.

Speaking of events, the games themselves almost always bring up the great debate on whether or not a city can afford to pay to host one of these extravaganzas. Vancouver, and host province British Columbia, are looking at some serious cost overruns and deficits as a result of playing host to the 2010 Winter Games. This should not come as any surprise to anyone. Seems turning a profit by hosting the Olympics is kind of hard to pull off.