Feb 23, 2010

What Can Brown Trade For You?

Looking for a good example to use when discussing SSEIN2 e (Evaluate arguments for and against free trade)? Of course you are. This article can definitely go a long way in explaining why/how international trade can benefit the good citizens of Georgia. UPS CEO, and great friend of the Georgia Council, Scott Davis nails it when talking about the importance of global trade.

Whether you are working for UPS, Micromeritics Instrument Corp, KIA, Coca-Cola, or if you are just looking to purchase a t-shirt that's not going to set you back a ton of money, international trade can benefit you (and your students) in a number of ways. More trade= more markets= new customers= more choice= lower prices= additional growth opportunities= and on and on and on.

International trade is a huge part of Georgia's economy. Tens of thousands of jobs in this state are the direct result of trade. Need a little proof? Visit the Georgia Ports Authority to see lists of some of the goods that are being traded to and from Georgia.