Jan 23, 2009

From the Classroom vol 2

It's what you want, but more importantly its what your students want. Relevance. Why on earth does this stuff matter? One way I like to answer this question is using economic principles to answer the mysteries located in a sometimes overlooked resource,The Great Economic Mysteries Book 9-12.

Last week we used portions of a lesson called "Why Airborne Infants Aren't Required to Buckle Up?" to explore the ideas of rational decision making and incentives. This resource has 35 lessons that explore nearly every standard. The next time you are exploring your copy of the Virtual Economics 3 disk looking for a new lesson, you might give this book a chance. Cut out copies of the clues, perhaps make up a new title that fits your personality (Why does the FAA hate babies?), dangle some extra credit for the group that solves the mystery first, and watch the students apply economic principles to real world situations.