Apr 26, 2010

South African Study Tour Visit Day 1

Take four educators fresh off a 16 hour flight, mix them with a class of 3rd graders and what you get is a great morning at Spring Hill Elementary School in Fayetteville learning about productivity and specialization. Huge Econblog thanks to Ms. Shelby Garner for allowing us to spend some time with her incredible students. Our friends from the Western Cape were exposed to a group of students who were actively involved in the learning process while proving that 3rd graders can in fact tell you what opportunity cost is all about.

From Spring Hill it was off to a meeting with Fayette County Social Studies Coordinator Dr. Cathy Geis, where our guests learned many key strategies to implementing a successful economics program at the county level. As an added bonus we saw Zac Brown, of Zac Brown Band fame, at lunch.

Without slowing down, we made our way over to Starr's Mill High School, my old stomping grounds, to observe the classrooms of Mark DeCourcy and Michael Melvin, two of the finest teachers around.

To top off an already solid day, we were very fortunate to be the guests of our good friends at Georgia Power as they hosted us at an Atlanta Braves game. Phillies 2...Braves 0 was the final score but none of us were bothered all that much because it was a great night for baseball in the ATL.

To be continued....