Apr 27, 2010

South African Study Tour Visit Day 2

Another early start, another great classroom visit. Mr. Chris Cannon of Sandy Creek was kind enough to let us crash his AP Macro class for awhile and he did not disappoint. Our South African friends got to see a terrific lesson on balance of payments and balance of trade. From there it was straight to Georgia State University, where we took in a 2000 level Micro class being taught by Dr. Shelby Frost. Wow, wow and wow! Dr. Frost really brought her "A" game as she demonstrated how to keep 112 college students involved and on task. Her secret....clickers! All of us were very impressed with her ability to engage a class of that size in a room this big.

After a quick visit to the global headquarters of the Georgia Council it was off to the Department of Education for a meeting with Social Studies Program Manager Bill Cranshaw. Dr. Cranshaw did a great job of explaining the role the state plays in helping teachers and students in schools all across the state. Our South African guests were impressed with the fact that there are econ standards in grades K-8 and 12. Yeah Georgia!

From the Department of Education it was a short drive over to the Carter Center for a tour of the Presidential Library and Museum. The museum in a word...awesome. Make it a point of visiting the Carter Center if you are near Atlanta. Jimmy has had quite an incredible life.

We ended the day with a casual dinner at Econblog central. Family, friends, food....fun.

To be continued.....