Apr 27, 2010

South African Study Tour Visit Day 5

Saturday, the last official day of the study tour (booooooooo). We hit the road early, wondering where the week went and curious to know how Wednesday-Thursday-Friday managed to go by so quickly.

Former DeKalb County educator Ben Ridgeway did a wonderful job of showing us around the King Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church. Powerful, historic, moving.....some of the words that came to our minds as we toured one of Atlanta's most meaningful locations. You say you have not visited the King Center yet? Find the time.

After a short drive across town we found ourselves smack in the middle of one massive crowd of people. Seems everyone in the lower 48 had tickets for the Georgia Aquarium at 1:00pm. The only living things that were not packed in like a can of sardines were the fish themselves. I was secretly wishing I could pull a "Mr. Limpit" and just fall into one of the huge tanks to get a little personal space.

Last stop....back yard going away party/cook out extravaganza. Mix four South Africans, a some U.S. educators, one maroon Corvette, one blue Corvette, a grill and a guy named Walt, and you have yourself one fun night.