Apr 14, 2009

From the Classroom volume 17

Flabbergasted is the only way to describe how I felt after a conversation I recently had with a teacher new to the profession. He told me that he felt bad about using other teachers’ activities and lessons, and therefore, refrained from it.

Are you kidding me??

With all the demands upon our time, the sports to coach, parents to contact, retirement portfolios to obsess about, newspapers to read (just in case a student wants to actually talk about current events in her social studies class), and occasionally spend time with our own families, the last thing I want to do is re-invent the wheel.

So I thought there might be some teachers out there, particularly ones new to teaching Econ, who do not yet have an EOCT study guide for their students to complete. It might not be the flashiest wheel ever created, but it correlates to the GPS and you are certainly welcome to it.