Apr 16, 2009

How Much for Polar Research?

Boy do I feel like a fool. All along I thought the Tea parties were in honor of him. Sheesh, I need to start watching more tv I guess.

Any of you go to a Tea party yesterday? Your students? The closest I got was the small traffic jam I sat in right in front of the state capitol building. Many of the signs I saw related to taxes and spending others were a bit on the scary side. Doesn't need changed? Huh?

Now would probably be a good time to dig into government taxing and spending a little bit to see where the money is really going. Anyone care to guess how much we spend on Fusion Energy? Or how about NASA? The answers to these questions, and many many more, can be found on this terrific poster. Now, where to find an extra $407 billion to plug that looming budget deficit gap?

You can purchase the poster right here.