Apr 30, 2009

Your Vacation Getaway

It really is a good time of year to be a teacher. Unless you teach AP, most of the big testing is probably out of the way, the kids can see the end of the rainbow and you still have the yearly "field day" event to look forward to.

With only four weeks to go now is the time to start planning that summer trip. As summer vacation is the best perk of the job, it is important to take full advantage of it.

...and due to the cruddy economy flights everywhere are cheap and hotels are desperate for your business.

As a public service to you, I have taken it upon myself to help locate some cities that may interest you this summer. I am willing to bet the ranch that the best hotels in Norilsk can be had for a song. Many call it the Detroit of Siberia.

Not surprising to see that more than half of these locales are in former or current communist countries. Workers paradise my butt.