May 2, 2009

il Associazione

Oh yeah, partnering with Fiat should save the day for Chrysler. After all, Fiat has given us this, this, this and this over the years. These designs will go over well in rural Texas! But on the plus side, Fiat did give us this well received Italian masterpiece.

One interesting aspect of the Chrysler bankruptcy proceedings is the role the United Auto Workers Union is going to play in the future of the company. If this pans out maybe we will have to put unions back into the Georgia econ standards.

Another interesting aspect of the deal is the fact that our neighbors to the north stand to gain from Chrysler's bankruptcy. Not sure how great of a deal this will be for Canada or the province of Ontario. Canada gives us this classic and Uncle Buck, we give Canada the K car and Michael Scott's ride in return.

No hard feelings eh?

How many of you knew that Ontario builds more cars than any other state or province in North America?