Sep 1, 2009

From the AP Classroom #2

Thanduyise High School was the location of our first school visit in KZN province, South Africa. The lesson we were observing on globalization was being taught by Mr. GST Mabaso. Fifteen members of his class of 42 learners had been assigned various roles to assist in the delivery of the lesson. Mr. Mabaso managed to cover an amazing number of concepts in this introductory lesson on globalization by using a PowerPoint slide show that was being projected on to four sheets of paper that had been taped to his board.

After the lesson was completed we were able to dialogue with these bright and engaging 11th grade learners. By the end of the visit our tour leader Joanne Dempsey, director of the Illinois Council on Economic Education, had convinced the class to sing a traditional Zulu song for us. What an amazing experience! We all had tears in our eyes from the shear beauty of these talented young people. As we would find out later in the trip Zulu dancing is as incredible as their singing!