Sep 17, 2009


The CPI numbers were released yesterday and it showed the smallest yearly jump in more than five years. What is the CPI you ask? The Consumer Price Index of course. Who gives a rip about that you ask? Well, every single student in Georgia that is going to take the EOCT that's who.

Yes, the CPI is in the standards. SSEMA1b to be exact. "Define...Consumer Price Index (CPI)..." You remember those pesky standards right? They can be viewed right here. Love them or hate them, the standards are not going anywhere so why not dive right in and teach the heck out of the things?

The cool part to all of this is making the direct economic link to the lives of your students. I can see the kids right now, just sitting there saying "But how does this CPI stuff relate to my life Mr./Mrs. So in so?" BAM, you come back with this.

Game, set, match.