Oct 15, 2009

A Good Read

Read any good econ related books lately? Would you like to share these books with the rest of us? I am kicking off a new feature of the Econblog- "A Good Read". My hope is to have a bunch of teachers out there send in brief posts about their favorite econ related book(s). Could be this, or maybe this, or how about this? You decide.

Just let me know what your favorite read is, and why, and I will post it on the blog.

So let me begin with my selection- "Naked Economics" by Charles Wheelan. What I like most about this book is Wheelan's ability to put economic concepts (mostly macro) and theories into plain English. I routinely assigned this book as summer reading for my AP students and they did not hate it. What better endorsement can you get than that? 17 and 18 year old students did not hate it!

Money quote of the book, ""Economics should not be accessible only to the experts. The ideas are too important and too interesting." Yes and yes to that Mr. Wheelon.