Oct 14, 2009

How Can A Wing Be Boneless?

For those of you that have been paying attention to this blog since its inception, you may recall a post I put up about the price of chicken wings leading up to the Super Bowl. Well, chicken wing prices have continued to increase since that time. Amazingly enough, chicken wing prices per pound are now higher than chicken breast prices per pound. The once lowly Buffalo wing is now fetching some pretty high prices.

What are the chances that every single one of your students has eaten Buffalo wings? Pretty good right? Use this to your advantage. Give your students this article and have them pick out all of the economic concepts they can find. I bet they will come up with an extensive list that can be linked directly to the econ standards. SSEF1, SSEF2, SSEF3, SSEMI2, SSEMI3 quickly come to mind.

Econ really is all around us. Oh, and I think it's a good thing that wings originated in Buffalo and not Walla Walla or Sheboygan. Walla Walla wings just doesn't sound right.