Oct 7, 2009

Walk On

So last night Mrs. Econblog and I went on a little date to see U2 play at the Georgia Dome. On the way to the dome we ran into an extra large dose of the usual miserable Atlanta traffic. It took about 32 minutes for us to reach the dome and then another 47 just to find parking. Stinking scarcity strikes again! As we circled the dome I had the opportunity to compare parking costs. Want to park in the lot directly across from the dome? No problem, that will set you back a cool $40.00. Cash. Don't mind walking the equivalent of about nine blocks? No problem with that either, that will set you back a mere $10.00.

So which lot was the fullest? The $40.00 lot of course. This is Atlanta I'm talking about. Only suckers walk nine blocks to do anything in the ATL. (Suckers and yours truly. I would not pay $40.00 to park on the front lawn of the White House if I was going there for dinner)

Once inside the dome I saw another nice little example of huge price discrepencies. The Mrs. and I were sitting in aisle seats in section 133. Price of a ticket in this section...$95.00. Directly across the aisle from me in section 134 were people who paid $250.00 for their seats. More or less the same view, same sound, same easy access to the pretzel stand all for an extra $155.00!

Oh, and the concert? Most incredible stage I have ever seen in my entire life. The rock and roll wasn't bad either.