Oct 10, 2009

Technology 2.0

For me the 2009 Annual Meeting was all about learning how to effectively use technology in new and exciting ways to teach and learn economics.

In the last three days I have learned a great deal about podcasting, youtubing, teachertubing, RSS feeding and even a little bit about something called Doodle. In addition, I was given a sneak peak at a really cool online simulation/video game that is built around personal finance. (I will be posting more about this in the coming months)

There are so many amazing technologies out there that are really changing the way teachers teach, and students learn, economics. Wayyyyy back in 1984, when I was a clueless high school senior, I would have never dreamed of having the ability to listen to an interactive teacher lesson on my own time or the ability to contribute to a student built class wiki.

My head is spinning.