Jul 9, 2009

2,000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

We paid a visit to the Kirin Beer factory today. Brought back many memories of my beer delivering days. Kirin has a little more than 40% of the Japanese beer market so I guess they are doing something right. Evidently Japan has an interesting way of taxing the beer companies. You are taxed according to the amount of malt you use in the brewing process. Use a lot of malt to make your beer, pay high taxes. Use little or no malt to make your beer, pay less. Not surprisingly Kirin is focusing more and more on non-malt beverages.

According to our tour guide Kirin can make about 2,000 cans of beer a minute when they are firing on all cylinders. How long would it take the average person to consume 2,000 cans of beer? Mind boggling.