Jul 28, 2009


So I just returned to the Georgia Council Global Headquarters after taking a little family vacation. While some choose to vacation on Nantucket Island, Cape Cod or in the South of France, The Econblog family and I like to visit the vacation hotspot of Buffalo, NY. The place is so hip now that even Anthony Bourdain (coolest tv personality ever) is hanging out from time to time.

If you are ever in need of Buffalo travel tips just drop me a line. I can tell you where to go for a great slice, what to go see, and I will even let you know about the best place to run while in town. I will also tell you to make sure your car shocks are in good working order as the roads there are crap. Normal freezing temperatures/snow and incredibly heavy snow plows really do a number on most streets and the roads in and around the Queen City are exhibit A.

Which brings me to this informative article from the Minneapolis Fed. Not only are the roads in Buffalo, and hundreds of other U.S. cities, crap, but so is much of the infrastructure all across America. The question has become, how are we going to fix this problem? Anyone have a spare $2.2 trillion?

Your thoughts?