Jul 6, 2009

Tokyo Stock Exchange

One of the world's three largest stock markets, the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is a place where huge sums of money flow in from all corners of the globe each day. Started in 1878, the TSE has evolved to become a major player in the Japanese, and world, economy.

After a tour of the exchange we heard from Kyoji Kimura, who is the head of the promotions department of the TSE. In an effort to promote the TSE, Mr. Kimura and a number of associates are delivering informational workshops to teachers, students and interested citizens who want to learn more about financial education and the workings of the TSE.

In Japan, cash and bank deposits account for 50% of assets as compared to a mere 13% in securities. The TSE believes that the Japanese economy would benefit from increased consumer purchases of securities and to that end the TSE is promoting the stock exchange as a great place to invest.