Jul 1, 2009

Tokyo Town

After enduring the most frustrating flight of my entire life I have finally arrived in Tokyo. My original flight, which was supposed to leave on Monday at 2:20pm, got pushed back again and again and again... and finally we left exactly 23 hours late! Very long and miserable story that involved a plane warming oven that did not work, unionized flight attendants, a recent airline merger and a lot of important looking airline officials standing around with walkie-talkies in their hands looking serious yet inept at the same time.

As a result of all of this nonsense, I have missed the entire first day of the Keizai Koho/Japan-America study tour. Crud. On top of that I arrived at the Tokyo Dome Hotel to find that all of my fellow travelers were already at the nearby Tokyo Dome catching a Yomiuri Giants game. Crud again! (Giants lost 2-1 to the Carp)

All of that is in the past now and in a few hours we are off to visit the Toshiba Science Museum and then the Toshiba Recycling Center. After that we are going to hear the Chief Economist of the Dai-Chi Life Research Institute speak about the Japanese Economy. Life is good.

Hello Japan, nice to meet you.