Jul 3, 2009

Dinner with Tateisi san

Last evening we were honored to have dinner with Mr. Nobuo Tateisi. Mr. Tateisi is the former Chairman and Representative Director of the OMRON Corporation and is currently serving as the Executive Advisor for the OMRON Corporation . He is also one of those people that, after meeting for about two seconds, you realize is just an amazing human being. Intelligent, visionary, funny and incredibly down to earth.

Mr. Tateisi spoke at length about the current state of the Japanese economy, the many economic challenges Japan faces and Japan's role in a globalized world. Not surprisingly Mr. Tatseisi also discussed the declining birth rate/aging population dilemma of Japan. Did you know that there are more than 36,000 Japanese citizens over the age of 100? Did you know that the birth rate in Japan is now only 1.3 children per family?

The other major topic touched on by Mr. Tateisi was Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR, the philosophy that says companies should work for the benefit of society by becoming active members of the global community. Take a minute to read the CSR link and then think about the Bernie Madoff's and corporate executives who make $49 million a year while their company's go broke.

Thank you Tateisi-san for an incredible evening. One that I will never forget.