Mar 18, 2009


Would any of you like to help me out? Do you think you could compile a list of all of the Fed programs currently in place? You know, all of the new strategies they have come up with since October of 2008. Way back in the day (the beginning of this school year) the Fed had what, three tools to conduct monetary policy? ...and they didn't even use one of those three. Now it seems like we get something new each week.

Today they announced they are going to pump $1 TRILLION dollars into the economy. Let that sink in for a moment. One. Trillion. Dollars. As a side note, I find that it is somewhat amusing to talk like Dr. Evil when you say "$1 trillion dollars".

So if you are up to the challenge I will send a lovely GCEE umbrella to the person that comes up with the most thorough list of Fed monetary tools. Good luck.