Mar 20, 2009

The Opportunity Cost of Your Bracket

NCAA March Madness. Why every other collegiate sport in the universe does not go to something like this is beyond me. America sure loves college hoops this time of year. As for me, I would rather watch this than some big conference hoops power squash some tiny school nobody has heard of by 56 points. (I'm looking at you UConn!) But I digress. Did any of you sneak a peek at the tv during work yesterday? If so, you were not alone. Go ahead and read this but then GET BACK TO WORK!

SSEF1: d. Define opportunity cost as the next best alternative given up when individuals, businesses and governments confront scarcity by making choices.

SSEF6: a. Define productivity as the relationship of inputs to outputs.

SSERAYMER1: a. Explain the difference between Sweet 16 and Elite 8.