Mar 5, 2009

From the Classroom vol 10

For me, the Macroeconomics unit must begin with a discussion of GDP. I find it useful to borrow elements of Lesson 33 “Gross Domestic Product and How to Measure it” of the Capstone book located conveniently on VE3.

This lesson supplies a good estimation of different sectors of GDP, but the part I have found most useful is the student activity. Working in groups, the students figure out how events affect GDP. My students have found this activity extremely beneficial to them in the past.
-Michael Melvin

Something I found very useful at the start of my Macro unit was to talk to my students about the political spectrum. I was always a little shocked to learn that many of my students did not really know the difference between conservativism and liberalism when it came to economic matters. Having a better understanding of the "isms" allowed my students to see more clearly why politician A wants to do this with the economy while politician B wants to do that with the economy.
-Mike Raymer