Mar 6, 2009

Spring (econ) Training

Spring is definitely in the air. The daffodils* are blooming, the birds are flying back into town and the sound of excited teens chattering about the Econ Challenge is filling high schools from Augusta to Alpharetta. With spring comes spring training. No, I'm not talking about this spring training, I'm talking about THIS spring training. That's right, it is almost time for the 3rd Annual Economics Challenge Championship.

At Parkview, Coach Petmecky has his teams involved in two-a-days; micro in the morning, macro in the afternoon. Whitewater coach Sewall has her team training in some undisclosed location. Rumor has it the Starr's Mill contingent is working with a team of Russian economists and word on the street says defending champ Davidson Fine Arts has been training since early September of 2008.

This year is going to be big. A total of 18 teams will be competing for trophies, savings bonds, a chance to move on to regionals and pride. Good luck to everyone.

*And who knew there was an American Daffodil Society?